Letter from the editor

We shall not let traders waste their time trading with cumbersome Forex Brokers!

And the fact is that, there are plenty of such aforementioned brokers. There are brokers who treat us like we are elementary school students who have to take exams before we can start trading. There are brokers whose outer appearance seems to be that of big brokers but then the actual internal operation is all messed up. There are also brokers that let us go through various steps in order to trade and withdraw our money.

When faced with a bad broker, what will happen? ….I can assure you that “it will be going to hell in a handbasket”. You must be very exhausted of it. Instead of spending time and energy on trading, you rather have to waste your time solving problems these brokers have created, which can simply and quickly occur. 

To form this website, our team has been trading for months, screening, compiling and comparing to ensure that no false information is published and not just to take information from the advertisement of these brokers.

From the bottom of my heart