10 FOREX Brokers with Best Services Ranking

What refers to the best service for traders?

All aspects of the service, such as prompt response to questions, accuracy, ability to troubleshoot or help, the friendliness of the staff, sincerity in service and the number of contact channels for customers to talk to the broker.

Scoring Criteria

Note : A Forex broker ranking on “services” is just one factor, it is unable to identify if these brokers are really good or not. In case you want to see excellent brokers in all aspects, you can click the link below.

Best Forex Brokers in 2022

Score 9.08

1st Rank Broker : EXNESS

It is the broker that obtained the highest satisfaction level of services from customers. The staff are professional in their work, answering questions and resolving problems quickly. We were rarely disappointed when compared to other brokers.

In the aspect of account management system, it is simple, uncomplicated, and easy to use.

It is recommended to contact the staff via Live chat (calling is not recommended as Exness is not doing well in this area, not being able to answer call promptly or lets caller wait for a long time).

exness logo

It is easy from opening an account to the deposit and withdrawal process. Conditions are not complicated and easy to understand.

It is a Forex broker that allows customers to start trading without having to confirm their identity.

Account management system is good, showing clear results and easy to use.

Support solves problems effectively and quickly. There is a quick problem detection system. There is a drag and drop picture system to send pictures, making the problem clearly visible between the staff and the customer.

Contact Number

Tel : 1-800-012-303 (Toll Free, World-Wide)

Live chat

Recommend using Live chat, staffs are a lot more responsive.

Live chat: www.exness.com

The staff came in to answer quickly, was direct to the point, assisted well, and professional.

Which is available in more than 15 languages : 

English, Chinese, Thai, Indonesian, Arabic, Hindu, Urdu, Bengali, Vietnamese, Japanese, Korean, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian

Which is considered a lot

*Initial conversations with the bot prior to handling over to the staff* 

Email : [email protected]

Score 8.00

2nd Rank Broker: XM

Starting from the application process to the real trading is quite easy, simple and not complicated at all.

Support staff responded to questions quickly, clearly, and relevantly.

Small problem detected: if you do not trade for 90 days, you will have to reverify your identity.

xm logo

If you do not trade within 90 days, and if there is “no deposit” in the account, the account will be canceled and the identity must be reverified.

If you do not trade within 90 days, and if there is “deposit” in the day account, it will be deducted 5 USD per month until the account is depleted and later is canceled.

XM quickly changes leverage (no complicated confirmation)

Proceeding a withdrawal request, information will be sent to third parties including payment providers, banks, card systems, regulators, law enforcement, government officials, credit data centers and other groups the broker sees necessary for payment processing and/ or verification of the trader’s identity

The process of account opening, deposit, and trading is quite easy and simple.

The staffs provide good service, came in to answer quickly, clearly and relevantly, and be pertinent to the point.

Live chat 

XM support staffs are available for service in upto 18 languages, in almost all countries all over the world.

Live chat : www.xm.com

xm live chat

Tel: +501 223-6696 (It is the Head Office’s number in Belize) 

Email : [email protected]

Score 7.60

3rd Rank Broker : LAND-FX

Website and account management system are simple but effective.

After applying to open an account, there will be a staff calling to assist customers

land fx logo

Account management page on the website (back-of-house system) is easy to use, with complete tools, easy to find, and not cluttered.

There is flexibility and smoothness both on the website and trading.

Website supports multiple languages

After applying, the staff will call to give advice and information about trading; including promotions and the competition that is being held.

Live chat

Live chat : www.land-fx.com

Live chat system has a function to record the conversation between customers and staff, which will be sent to Email.

For Land-FX, there are support staff available in 5 languages: English, Thai, Japanese, Chinese, and Filipino.

Tel : (+44) 20 7193 9990 (United Kingdom)


General inquiries: [email protected]

Deposit and withdrawal: [email protected]

Score 7.60

4th Rank Broker : TICKMILL

Everything is proper except waiting for unapproval to open an account for the first time, which takes no more than 48 hours (so we need to deduct the score due to this aspect).

In general, after applying, you can use it right away, without having to wait for unapproval.

tickmill logo

Applying for an account is very easy. But when the application is complete, the first account opening approval must be waited for no more than 48 hours.

The average application time is approximately 4 days.

(Easy to apply, but long waiting time for approval)

The website is very interesting and is fast without delay. There is a lot of information to study such as knowledge, education and tools.

Especially in Infographics that are designed to be very interesting with insights into the financial world, trading tips, and many essential articles.

Support staffs provide clear answers, able to solve problems well.

Live chat 

Live chat : tickmill.com

Live chat can sometimes take a long time.

Available in over 18 languages ​​(lots of them).

For Live chat of Tickmill, there is a system to send a copy of the chat memo via email.

Email : [email protected]

Score 7.25

5th Rank Broker : XTB

It is a broker that has a dashboard page in the trading account management system that is very simple, uncomplicated, and easy to use. As for the disclosure of information, it is nicely done.

Recently canceled services in Thailand. It removed Thai language and there is no longer Thai language staff available. However previous customers can still trade, deposit and withdraw, which will all be canceled in the future.

(Beware of unreasonable cancellations in some countries)

xtb logo

The format of the website is simple and easy to use.

The information on the website is quite detailed. There are thorough explanations such as deposit/withdrawal procedures and payment methods.

Have been translated into over 20 languages

Live chat

Long waiting time of almost 5 minutes until the support staff responded.

The response of the staff is quite proper, can assist and solve problems very well.


Open Account : +357-257-25356 (Belize)

Support : +48-222-739-976 (Belize)

Email : [email protected]

Score 6.75

6th Rank Broker : IC MARKETS

The highlight of IC Markets in terms of service is its Live chat support staff, which is available 24 hours a day and no holidays.

There are times when the website crashes frequently, but recently, it seems to have improved, and the crashes rarely occur.

ic market

Live chat with support staff available for 24 hours a day, no holidays.

In the past, customers using IC Markets Live chat waited for a long time (over 50 queue numbers, 20 minutes to 2 hours), but in the present, it is getting better.The broker has assigned staffs to take care of this section, leaving only a few queues. There are support staffs to answer quickly. 

The disadvantage of IC Markets is that the website crashes frequently (Probably with a lot of customers accessing it at a time)

Live chat : www.icmarkets.com

Contact number

Phone number (World-wide): +61 (0) 280144280


Customer Relations: [email protected]
Support: [email protected]
Accounting: [email protected]
Marketing: [email protected]

Score 6.42

7th Rank Broker : FBS

FBS offers various contact channels, but the service performance of the staff is considerably not very good and responds like a robot, just answers questions.

fbs logo

Website pages are difficult to use, for example, logging into the Live chat page is difficult. (Recently updated) and the layout of the account management page is difficult to use, hard to navigate, etc.

The support staff answered questions rarely clearly, answered in a shallow manner.

Not operating 24 hours as advertised.

In some cases, support staff does not respond to the questions specifically, mostly recommend customers to contact and report problems via Email.

FBS offers various contact channels, such as; Live chat, WeChat, Telegram, Facebook Messenger, Line and Whatsapp.

FBS’s website has been translated into over 18 languages.

Contact channel

คะแนน 6.38

8th Rank Broker : THINKMARKETS

ThinkMarkets’s Live chat is only available in English. If you want to discuss in other languages, there will be an automatic translator which is only available for preliminary questions, to discuss in-depth information is quite difficult.

think markers logo

automatic translation system. This makes it difficult to communicate when discussing in-depth information.

In case the website crashes, the staff recommends clearing the browser’s cache and trying again.

Support staff work 24 hours a day, 5 days a week.

As for Thai support staff, they work from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM via email or call back service.

It is recommended to send inquiries individually via EMail: [email protected] As you will receive a clearer answer but it will be quite slow.

If you want to talk to the “Thai” support staff, you can leave your email or phone number with the Support.

Our team has tried to leave the number with the Live chat of ThinkMarkets. It appears that in less than 1 hour, the support staff called back.

On the website, there are complete translations in more than 19 languages.

Worldwide phone numbers

  • United Kingdom: +44 203 514 2374
  • Australia: +61-3-9093-3400
  • Australia Local number: 1300-390-515
  • Italy: +39 023 057 9033
  • Spain: +34-911829975


Score 6.30

9th Rank Broker : VANTAGE FX

The team had sent inquiries via Facebook Messenger and it appeared that the staff was very slow to respond. It is recommended to discuss via Live chat or Email.

vantage fx

Support staff, working 24 hours, 5 days from Monday to Friday.

*** Facebook Messenger is not recommended due to the very slow response. Support staff will not be available on Saturday and Sunday, rarely look at the messages.

Live chat : vantagefx.com


Phone (International): +442080363883

Phone (U.K): +44 207 100 8625

Phone (China): 400-120-9301

Phone (Canada): 1-888-442-4106


General : [email protected]

Accounting Department : [email protected]

Score 6.20

10th Rank Broker : FXPRO

The overall composition is quite good. There are translations on the website in more than 30 languages. Live chat service is available in more than 14 languages. The website format is easy to use, neat, and organised.

There are a few drawbacks on Live chat that has no attachment system, causing some difficulties in communication or showing some problems.

As for the support staff’s responses, it’s not very clear in the case of asking in-depth questions.

fx pro logo

FxPro’s website is translated into over 30 languages.

Live chat support staff are available in 14 languages ​​as follows:


Thai, English, Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, Malaysia, Polish, Indonesian, Ezech, Spanish, Italian, Turkish, Russian and Korean 

It is considered that FxPro caters to investors almost all over the world.

(FxPro’s Live chat system has no attachment system, causing constraint when in need of showing some problems)

But there are some times that it’s difficult to contact support staff.

In the aspect of answering questions, it is quite clear, especially in-depth questions.

Live chat : www.fxpro.com

Tel : 

  • United Kingdom: 08000 463 050
  • Cyprus: +357 25 969 200
  • Monaco: +44 (0) 203 151 5550
  • Bahamas: +1 242 603 2224

Email : [email protected]

Scoring Criteria of the Forex Brokers Rating Review

In the ranking of the best service Forex brokers, we will consider the following factors:

  • Speed ​​and accuracy of the support staff in answering questions.
  • Support staff working hours
  • Difficulty accessing the support staff
  • Good/bad feeling when talking to the support staff
  • Website usage (easy to understand or difficult)
  • Various management systems must be easy to understand, such as opening an account, verifying identity, deposit and withdrawal, clarifying various information, etc.
  • Number of language translation on the website
  • Number of languages ​​available in Live chat
  • Efficiency on various contact channels such as Email, Facebook messenger, Line, Whatsapp, etc.


We had to rank Forex brokers in terms of services because sometimes traders might be encountering urgent problems. A good broker should be able to fix them or give a clear answer. Traders (customers) must not have a bad impression of using the services of such broker.

The main thing that brokers need to survive in their business is traders, so brokers should pay attention to traders. We shouldn’t trade with brokers who don’t really care about their customers.


  • Alpari
  • Exness
  • FxPro
  • IC Markets
  • Land-Fx
  • OctaFx
  • Pepperstone
  • ThinkMarkets
  • Tickmill
  • FBS
  • Forex.com
  • FXCM
  • FXTM
  • IG
  • Vantage Fx
  • XM

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