Is Exness good?: The review of Exness pros and cons [Summary of overview information from real trading experiences]

Important Details of Exness Broker
Broker Name Exness
Year of Establishment 2008
Regulatory Organization CySec, FSA, FCA
Minimum Deposit $1
Deposit and Withdrawal Speed Deposit: Immediate, Withdrawal: Immediate
Deposit and Withdrawal Rate  -0.34%
Leverage Maximum 1:2000
Platform MT4, MT5, WebTerminal

Exness is ranked 1st in The Best Forex Broker Ranking 2022

exness website


EXNESS Information

Year of Establishment : 2008

Head Office

Exness’s Head Office is located in Cyprus

Address: 1, Siafi Street, PORTO BELLO, Office 401, 3042, Limassol, Cyprus

On the Exness website, there is a statement mentioning that the Exness brand is operated under Nymstar Limited. The office is located at F20, 1st floor, Eden Plaza, Eden Island, Celts, which is another office of Exness.

Trading Products

  • Forex:
  • Gold:
  • Petroleum:
  • Index:
  • Cryptocurrency:
  • Stock: –
  • Other Commodities: –
  • Bond: –

Exness Broker Type

In the present, Exness is a Dealing Desk Broker

(Since the ECN type account has been canceled and has been replaced with Raw Spread)

The working style of DD (Dealing Desk Broker) in Exness is that we will match customer’s orders within Exness.

Exness Bonuses and Promotions

At this time, Exness has no promotions nor bonuses

Able to check via the link :

Contact Details



Trading Platform

  • MT4 : Windows, Android, iOS and Linux
  • MT5 : Windows, Android, iOS and Linux
  • WebTrader

Exness Review

exness forex broker

Exness Broker is suitable for a wide variety of trading styles, both short and long-term, due to its very low trading costs, both narrow spreads and low swaps fee.

The staff recommends opening a Raw Spread account, since it offers the smoothest trade, not delayed, and prompt for order opening-closing. For Standard, Pro and Zero accounts there could be issues on the speed of trading.

There is also a Copy Trade system and a VPS web hosting to run the EA for free


Support staff (Live chat) is excellent.

Live chat system solves problems effectively and quickly. There is a drag and drop picture system to send pictures.

Fast deposit-withdrawal
  • Deposit: Promptly
  • Withdrawal: Promptly
Free VPS

Instruction for VPS web hosting services

  • The accounts requesting for VPS web hosting service must have a deposit amount of at least 500 USD or equivalent in the account. You will not install any other third-party softwares into this remote terminal. If you would like to request VPS web hosting, please contact [email protected] or via chat room

Specifications (VPS)

  • Processor: Intel (R) Xeon (R) CPU E5-2680 v3 @ 2.50 GHz 2.50GHz
  • RAM: 1.00 GB
Unlimited leverage

Choosing to use MT4, Exness offers upto leverage 1: unlimited

There is a Copy Trade system
Stop Out 0%
  • Stop Out 0% command for all accounts (increasing the chance of making a return match).
You can start trading without confirming your identity
  • Only a few brokers agree to trade without having to verify the identity.


Trading is not smooth
  • Except for Raw Spread accounts which are prompt
  • The rest of the accounts are all delayed (Standard, Pro and Zero accounts)
Pro Account Requotes

During high market movement intervals, there is a chance a requote will occur.

There are no bonuses nor promotions
  • Relatively few bonuses and promotions
Trading is required prior to commanding withdrawal

The amount of money deposited to the account cannot be transferred or withdrawn, unless a trade is done (must be traded prior to any withdrawal)

Is EXNESS service fee high or low? (SPREAD, COMMISSION, SWAP)

Raw Spread, Zero and Pro account

In the aspects of both narrow spreads and low swaps fees, Exness is one of the top brokers with relatively low trading costs.

All 3 account types have the same range of spread value, but the lowest one is “Raw Spread”.

Exness is suitable for traders of both short and long-term trading (in other words, Exness is suitable for all trading styles).

Sample Spread of Exness – Standard, Standard Cent, Pro, Raw Spread and Zero

Average Spread over the 7 major currency pairs of Exness

exness spread

Swap Fee over 7 major currency pairs of Exness


Commission Fee of each type of Exness account

  • Standard : No Commission Fee
  • Standard Plus : No Commission Fee
  • Raw Spread : Fixed Commission Fee at 7 USD/lot
  • Pro : No Commission Fee 
  • Zero : Variable Commission Fee

Is EXNESS reliable and reputable ?

Exness is a standard broker with an excellent level of services. The number of customers is increasing every year. This is an emphasis on the high quality and reliability of the company. The overall corporate image is at a good standard.

Year of Establishment : 2008

License Certificate (Regulator)

1. CySec (Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission)

2. FSA (Seychelles Financial Services Authority)

  • License Certificate No: SD025
  • It is the License Certificate of Nymstar Limited, duly authorized to operate under the “Exness” brand and trademark.
  • Click to view the License Certificate
  • For global customers

3. FCA (Financial Conduct Authority)

Head Office

Exness’s Head Office is located in Cyprus

Address: 1, Siafi Street, PORTO BELLO, Office 401, 3042, Limassol, Cyprus

Employee Number : 201-500 persons (A total of 866 employees are active on LinkedIn)

Customer capital protection

Exness policy is to completely separate customers’ funds from the company’s account.

BARCLAYS Baltikums OCBC Bank

By which, Exness has deposited its customers’ funds with the world’s leading trusted banks such as BARCLAYS, Baltikums and OCBC Bank.

Exness Auditor

Exness has selected Deloitte (one of the four largest auditing companies in the world) to audit, manage risk and provide financial advisory services to the firm.


Financial data reporting

Although Exness is not a listed company, the company however tries to disclose the information of the company’s work in various aspects so as to show transparency of such works.

(Normally, companies listed on the stock market will report financial statements for investors to view. For companies that are not in the stock market, investors will not be able to view the information of that company)

Able to view Exness’ financial reports here: Click to View Financial Reports.

To what extent is EXNESS popular with traders all over the world ?

Exness is a fairly standard broker, in which all popularity scores are at a good level. Especially the rating on Trustpilot that has a score of 4.5.

Especially on Exness Instagram with upto 88.4K Followers, that is considered as one of the top ranks when compared to other brokers.

Exness Reputation

35% : Forex Peace Army [Score : 3.503 | 1,253 Reviews]
25% : Trustpilot [Score : 4.7 | 7,051 Reviews]
25% : myfxbook [Score : 3.9 | Total Votes : 718]
2.5% : Google Review [Score : 3.7 | 47 Reviews]
2.5% : Facebook [395K like this]
2.5% : Intragram [12.9K Followers]
2.5% : Twitter [7,218 Follows]
2.5% : Youtube [2.81K subscribers]
2.5% : Linkedin [4,651 followers]

EXNESS Services

It is the broker that obtains the highest satisfaction level of the services from customers. The staff are professional in their work, question answering and quick problems solving. Rarely disappointed when compared to other brokers.

In the aspect of the account management system, it is simple, uncomplicated, and easy to use.

It is recommended to contact the staff via Live chat (calling is not recommended as Exness is not doing well in this area. Often missing calls or waiting for a long time).

It is easy from opening an account to the deposit and withdrawal process. Conditions are not complicated and easy to understand.

It is a Forex broker that allows customers to start trading without having to confirm their identity.

Account management system is good, showing results and is easy to use.

Support solves problems effectively and quickly. There is a quick problem detection system. There is a drag and drop picture system to send pictures, making the problem clearly visible between the staff and the customer.

Contact Number

Tel : 1-800-012-303 (Toll Free, World-Wide)

Live chat

Recommend using Live chat, staff are a lot more responsive.

Live chat:

The staff came in to answer quickly, were direct to the point, assisted well, and professional.

Which is available in more than 15 languages : 

English, Chinese, Thai, Indonesian, Arabic, Hindu, Urdu, Bengali, Vietnamese, Japanese, Korean, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian

Which is considered a lot

*Initial conversations with the bot prior to handling over to the staff* 

Email : [email protected]

EXNESS Trading Experience

Recommend Raw Spread account trading as it is considered the best of Exness. Other account types are relatively slow and delays often occur.

Apichart T.

Recommend trading via Raw Spread account as it is the fastest, other account types seem to be delayed.

Attawat Rx

Exness is a broker that is known for its ease of use, convenience, speed, and due to the large number of servers used by many accounts, there are frequent issues and delays. I recommend a Raw Spread MT5 account (minimum deposit of 200 USD) due to the lowest total service fee when compared to every account. Fast open-close orders, smooth trading, and the best server system among all account types.

Sila T.

Popular broker among Thais, low Spread, low in cost is the only disadvantage, closing and opening orders are quite delayed.

Yoya Yoshida

Pro, Standard, Zero accounts have few delays, but Raw Spread accounts do not, smooth and quick.

Parichat B.

Only recommend the Raw Spread account, smooth trading, relatively narrow Spread, overall it is excellent.

Uaiporn R.

The overall server is not so stable with few lags during trading.

EXNESS Conclusion

Exness is ranked 1st in The Best Forex Broker Ranking 2022


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