IC MARKETS accounts comparison and the guidelines of account opening selection

Delve into IC MARKETS

Account Types

cTrader Account


  • Trades on CTrader platform
  • Minimum deposit: $200 
  • Stop out: 50%
  • Programming language: C# 


  • Commission: $3.0 (1 round: $6/lot) cheaper than Raw Spread account (1 round: $7/lot) 
  • Fast Server (No-delay) 


  • CTrader platform is modern, but not easy to use.

 Suitable for: Day Trader and Scalpers 

Raw Spread Account


  • Trade on MT4 
  • Commission: $3.5 (1 round : $7/lot) – it charges 3.5 USD when opening an order and 3.5 USD when closing an order.
  • Minimum deposit: $200
  • Swap: The major currency pairs XAU/USD (Gold) and USDCHF that have Swap positive, the rest are negative. 


  • Spread differs from the Standard account by 10 pips, so it is mostly cheaper than the Standard account by $3/lot.
  • Fast Server (No-delay). ST and TP can be converted quickly. 


  • Maximum Stop out: 50%

Suitable for: EA and Scalpers


Standard Account


  • Trade on MT4
  • No Commission
  • Minimum deposit: $200
  • Swap: the major currency pairs XAU/USD (Gold) and USDCHF that have Swap +, the rest are negative.


  • Fast Server (No-delay). ST and TP can be submitted quickly.


  • Maximum: Stop out: 50%
  • Spread of this account is more expensive than that of a Raw Spread account 

Summary of IC MARKETS

For IC Markets, Raw Spread account is recommended.

Trading is not delayed. 

Spread + Commission are quite low.


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