Our team

The Forexbrokerking team intends to provide traders information about various brokers. We will be finding the best broker for every trader, in order for them to effectively trade Forex.

Yoya Yoshida

  • Position: Editor
  • Experience: 20 years in the Forex industry
  • Goal: Select the best broker for traders
  • Trading Style: Momentum

Entered the Forex industry since college. Started with an extreme trading practice, traded all day and night and studied the graphs overnight. But eventually, His portfolio had come to Margin Call several times until he was able to achieve a trading method that can make himself sustainably survive in the market. It took more than 4 years for him to sustainably trade. And then after graduating from college, he became a full-time trader, earning from trading. He is passionate about  passing on the knowledge of Forex as much as possible.

Apichart T.

  • Position: Writer
  • Experience: 10 years in the Stock Exchange and another 15 years in the Forex market
  • Goal: Create the best out of every project
  • Trading Style: Swing Trading

First started with the stock market to learn about trading. Personally, he likes to study various things, and Forex market is another thing that fascinates him. He emphasized backtesting to create different investment strategies, including focusing on appropriate risk management (Money management). He believes that determination in doing anything will drive you to success.

Uaiporn R.

  • Position: Writer 
  • Experience: 5 years in the Forex industry
  • Goal: Endlessly seek new knowledge
  • Trading Style: Position Trading

The one and only female trader of the team. By studying from reading textbooks about Forex around the world, she did quite a lot of trials and errors before finding her own trading style. She focuses on trading that makes her feel comfortable, facing no stress because she used to be anxious from trading to the point of being admitted to the hospital. She is currently a full-time trader.